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Our freedom of speech is under attack. Join our community of supporters, and pledge to protect free speech and reject cancel culture.


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I/We pledge to defend the right of all Americans to say what they think and to protest peacefully. I/We believe free speech is a fundamental right of all Americans. I/We believe that platforms and services should apply their rules consistently, irrespective of the speaker’s viewpoint or beliefs. And I/We believe our elected officials should use their office to protect free speech.

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“Now more than ever, we need to uphold the First Amendment. It’s unique to us as Americans. It’s been fought for and defended all through our history for free expression without censorship from the government. It’s foundational to our personal rights and liberties.”

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05)
Republican Leader of the House Energy and Commerce Committee

About the Pledge

Freedom of speech is one of our most basic American values. The ability of all Americans to speak, protest, and express their opinions publicly is central to our political process and to a free society generally.

Today, freedom of speech is under attack. Our universities, mainstream media, tech companies, and corporations are filled with people who want to suppress opinions they regard as offensive and punish anyone who questions prevailing dogmas. These efforts to stifle debate and silence dissenters are compounded by cancel culture, a dangerous movement which imposes severe social and economic sanctions on those who express unpopular opinions.

But freedom of speech isn’t just the freedom to agree with the majority. Nor is it simply the freedom to discuss uncontroversial topics. Freedom of speech refers to the freedom to express views that are unpopular, controversial, and even offensive. That is why the Constitution prohibits the government from censoring even these types of expression.

What is happening right now isn’t a matter of suppressing hate speech. It’s a matter of suppressing viewpoints that some people hate.

The result is that people today are afraid to speak out. They are afraid that if they express their opinions they will be deplatformed, doxxed, cancelled, harassed, or even fired from their jobs.

This isn’t how America is supposed to function. This is not the foundation of a healthy society in which people with different ideas and beliefs debate their positions and work together in search of common ground.

As Americans, we must fight for the freedom to express our thoughts and opinions without fear. It’s time to reject cancel culture. Stand up to protect this core American value: free speech.

Wall of Shame

Gina Carano / Disney

Gina Carano was fired from the popular Disney+ show, “The Mandalorian,” for social media posts “denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities.”  (NBC News)

Kate Hartson / Hachette

Hachette Book Group fired Kate Hartson, one of the last mainstream editors willing to publish certain conservative figures, like Donald Trump Jr.. Hachette was fired despite the fact that she published the best-selling political book on Amazon. (NYT)

Cara Dumaplin / Twitter mob

Popular sleep-training course founder called Taking Cara Babies donated to the Trump campaign. When Dumaplin’s donations were discovered, several parenting accounts on social media immediately began distancing themselves from her. Others called on their followers to stop supporting her and encouraged them to ask for refunds. (IWF Blog) (Meaww)

Parler / Amazon and Google

Amazon, Apple, and Google shut down Parler, claiming it spread misinformation and incited violence. Apple and Google removed the app from their stores because “it had not sufficiently policed its users’ posts,” and then Amazon removed Parler from its web-hosting service, forcing Parler offline. (More on NYT)

James Bennet / New York Times

Bennet was forced to resign as the editorial page editor of the New York Times after running an op-ed from Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), “Send the Troops In,” that called for using military force against BLM rioters. (Politico)

Ryan Anderson / Amazon

After selling the book since 2018, Amazon removed When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment, without informing the author and without explanation. Amazon, of course, is still selling a pro-transgender response to Anderson’s book: Let Harry Become Sally: Responding to the Anti-Transgender Moment. (Daily Signal)

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